AMAROK PANELS is a modern and equipped company for the production of prefabricated houses, OSB panels and PVC panels, at the level of European companies.
    Production is located in Kac with a total of 500 m2 of production space.
    We have all technology to meet all the requirements and criteria of the market or customer demands. Following the global trend and progress in prefabricated houses market we offer a revolutionary method of construction that is currently one of the most successful in the United States and Russia.


    AMAROK HOUSING is a revolutionary way of building, the first of its kind in Serbia.

    A specific and well received thanks to its thermal insulation where in the raw state has 50-70% better insulation and far better sound insulation than traditionally built houses.

    Isolation can be even higher by additional insulation with a standard house.

    The design of the house is very flexible and can be easily fulfill every wish of the customer.


    PVC panel that we offer is an industrial product for PVC carpenters.
    Its used to fill the windows and doors.

    We sell panel in 3000x2000mm size with a thickness of 1mm plastic.

    Plastic is of extremely high quality that has high impact and UV resistance.

    Stirodur that we use is further compressed and designed to improve the
    penetration of the adhesive and to gain strength.